At Sydney Prosthodontic Group, we don’t just treat teeth, we treat people! We understand that people don’t just want implants or crowns per se, they want functional and beautiful looking teeth to improve their lives, to improve their confidence, to eat whatever they want, to be themselves, to laugh out loud, and to live life to the fullest without being held back. Hence our motto, “improving lives, one smile at a time”!

From the start of your journey to completion, we plan and execute treatment with you in mind. Our focus is not only to achieve the best long-term outcome but also how to get you there in the most comfortable and ideal manner. We take into consideration your lifestyle, work commitments, social requirements, financial limitations and anxiety level. All aspects of your comfort and convenience are carefully considered and maximised throughout the process. This is one of the reasons why our patients are extremely satisfied with our services.

Our specialist prosthodontists offer a comprehensive range of personalised treatment solutions. Whether you are looking for treatment of a single tooth or of a full-mouth dental makeover, our prosthodontists will deliver the result that you envisage. There is often more than one solution to a problem in life and similarly with modern dentistry, there are many options. Our prosthodontists will discuss your individually-tailored treatment plan in detail, explaining the pros and cons of all treatment options in determining the plan that best suits your needs.

In this section we have listed a few common problems and treatment options that we offer. Please be mindful that not all options are suitable for everyone.



Conventional removable dentures – this is a very cost effective option for the replacement of missing teeth. While it could be undesirable to some patients, it does carry certain benefits: low treatment risks; quick to complete; inexpensive; easy to keep clean; easy to repair.

Implant-secured dentures – if the dentures that you have been wearing for some time are becoming unsightly, loose or hurt upon chewing, you may want to consider having a few implants placed to act as stabilisers to secure your dentures. This will improve appearance, comfort, speech and chewing as well as being a great option for those at high-risk of developing implant infections because the easily-removable dentures allow for ideal access for daily cleaning of the implants.



Up to 25% of the population at some stage in their lives has suffered from TMD which may involve: jaw or muscle pain, locked jaw, clicking jaw, unable to open your mouth wide enough and ringing in the ears (i.e. tinnitus).

Our prosthodontists are most knowledgeable in this area. Dr. Johnson Chou has worked extensively with a leading Sydney-based orthodontist and managed many children suffering from TMD. Patients with this problem can greatly benefit from a discussion with any of our prosthodontists.

Sleep Apnoea


Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is found to increase teeth grinding during sleep. The management of OSA with mild to medium severity can be carried out with a removable oral device, called a mandibular advancement splint. This removable splint is inserted into your mouth to bring forward your lower jaw, which in turn opens your airway to decrease snoring. The most popular brand for this device is from SomnoMed. Patients with mild to medium OSA who find a CPAP machine difficult to tolerate or frequently travel are good candidates for this appliance.


For the dental anxious patient or patients requiring complex surgical treatment, we offer oral sedation or intravenous sedation.

Oral sedation – a valium tablet(s) is given approximately 1 hours prior to your procedure for you to achieve a relaxed state of mind. You do need a responsible adult to drive you home after the dental procedure. This option is good for patients who prefer a light level of sedation.

Intravenous sedation – this service is provided by an anaesthetist who comes to our practice just for you. He will be delivering sedative medications through your vein to achieve a deep state of mind where you often drift to sleep. He will be staying by your side at all times to ensure your safety. Fasting protocol must take place prior and you do need a responsible adult to drive you home after the dental procedure. This option is good for patients who prefer a heavy level of sedation.

Cone Beam CBCT 3D Bone Scan


Our practice offers the latest CBCT 3D bone scan machine on site, which means we can take 3D x-rays on the spot without the need to refer you to a radiology centre elsewhere. This machine offers the lowest dosage of radiation and the sharpest image quality to aid in the accuracy of our diagnosis and treatment plan.

A 3D bone scan is taken when you’re thinking of having dental implants or require comprehensive assessment. This scan provides critical information that a 2D-xray does not. When undertaking dental implant surgery, it is pertinent to your safety for us to know the bone height/width/density as well as the precise measurements and 3D appearance of critical structures like the sinuses and nerves.


Prosthodontists are the dental specialists that others dentists turn to for the management of complex problems. This involves a thorough process of assessment, diagnosis and formulation of a comprehensive treatment plan. Not only will we set out a clear plan for you from the start, we will also liaise with your referring dentist and potentially other dental specialists and oversee your entire treatment process to the end to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

As an example, a treatment process to achieve your desired smile and function that would be completed when we restore your front teeth with veneers and replace missing teeth with dental implants may have started by us first referring you to see several specialists: a root canal specialist to treat a dental abscess; a gum specialist to treat a gum infection; a braces specialist to move the teeth to the correct position; and a general dentist to take care of some fillings. We will co-ordinate your treatment needs from the start, liaise with all involved parties and complete your treatment at the end. In other words, you can consider our prosthodontists your personal dental manager!

Treatment Planning